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The consortium working in the TraSer project developed, tested, and documented innovative open-source tracing and tracking solutions for products and product data of companies involved in changing networks. Check out the article written about TraSer on ICT Results

Project development period: June 2006-May 2009.



TraSer supports tracking and tracing on the level of individual items (as opposed to the account-based view of purely quantitative stock levels), and relies on web services for communication.

Aside from its focus on small enterprises (SMEs), the TraSer solution is set apart from most other comparable frameworks by the following key features:

  • TraSer uses an internal identifier notation (ID@URI) where each unique ID already contains the address of the access point for the related services, thus eliminating the need for a comprehensive lookup service and allowing a decentralized allocation of identifiers. (Note that TraSer can also adapt to unique identifiers in existing numbering schemes by mapping them onto its internal notation by various possible means of choice.) The TraSer platform is essentially independent of the physical ID carrier (e.g. barcode, RFID) and can also be run with purely electronic identifiers for data tracking.

  • TraSer is free and open-source, and its implementation relies on a Java-based open-source web service framework. Publicly available interface specifications allow users to easily implement their own special building blocks, such as clients tailored to specific purposes, or re-implement a TraSer solution in a developmental environment of their choice.

  • TraSer offers such useful functionalities for handling item-centric data as advanced search and aggregation support, views at historical data, or backtracking of information.

  • TraSer allows a flexible definition of data models and facilitates this with its XQuery-based interfaces, which is of special importance for enterprises of high product variability. Furthermore, users can easily extend or overlay existing product data maintained by other manufacturers which adds further flexibility and freedom in data model planning.

  • A special release of the solution platform was adapted to tracking product data files.



The consortium members would like to express their gratitude to the European Commission that by the funding it ensures to the project, offers us the possibility of sharing international competencies in a project shaping the future.